I write excellent HTML and CSS, good JavaScript and decent PHP. I use jQuery a lot and I’m fond of SVG.

I build sites and write custom themes for Drupal and WordPress.

I’m familiar with responsive webdesign. Among other frameworks, I work with Foundation and Bootstrap.

I’m experienced in graphic design. I care about type and have a keen eye for detail. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

There are great tools out there to optimize our workflow. I use Git, Sass, Gulp and Bower.

I’ve learned a lot from the community. As my skills evolve, I want to give something back. I’m proud to say that my GitHub career started with a security fix.

I love to learn, to constantly evolve and keep pace with the evolution of the web. Feed me new things!

featured work

Multilingual Drupal Website

  • What I liked
    • Supporting a project that I really appreciate
    • Working with Foundation as a framework
  • What I learned
    • Building a multilingual Drupal7 site
    • How to get styled maps from Google’s static map API


  • What I liked
    • Delving into JavaScript objects
    • Setting up the demo page
  • What I learned
    • Building a decent jQuery plugin
    • Making a widget accessible with ARIA attributes

Tschechisches Wohndesign

  • What I liked
    • Finding ways to showcase beautiful furniture
    • Developing those nifty little animations that depend on the user’s scroll position
  • What I learned
    • Working with custom post types in WordPress
    • Using the HTML 5 history API

about me

this is me.

I built my first websites when I was fifteen. I’ve studied architecture and qualified as a media designer. I did some graphic design and worked as an AutoCAD trainer until I rediscovered my love for code. Since then I’ve dug deep into current web technologies.

I love to make things. This applies to coding as well as woodwork or metalwork. I love to share my knowledge and to help others improve their skills. I’m a qualified trainer in adult education and I run tech workshops once in a while.

When I’m not staring into screens, you’ll probably find me crouched over the handlebars of my racing bike or on a walk in the woods.

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